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Csárdás! The Tango of East -- Budapest Ensemble - Budapest Táncegyüttes Tour - Zsuráfszki Bio
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    Zsuráfszki's Biography


    A Brief Biography of Achievements

    Education and Experience:
    > An Honors Graduate [1975] of the Hungarian State Ballet School/Folkdance Department. Member of the first graduating class of the Department.
    > Graduate of the Budapest Teacher's College, major in education and pedagogy [1985].
    > A performer, solo artist, and later, Dance Director and Choreographer of the Hungarian State Ensemble until 1983.
    > Artistic Director and Choreographer for several amateur folk ensembles in Hungary and Tanchaz instructor.
    > Founding Director [1984], choreographer and solo performer of the famous Kodaly Ensemble which became one of the most important professional folk ensembles in Central Europe until its dissolution, due to lack of funding [1991]. The Ensemble under Zsurafszki toured North America with very significant critical acclaim.
    > Artistic Director, Choreographer and later General Director of the Budapest Ensemble [1991]; he revitalized one of the most prestigious professional folk ensembles in Hungary.

    X X X

    Training and Research:
    > Studied with the best folk and modern dance instructors in Hungary.
    > Innumerable field trips and research tours to Transylvania, Slovakia, Poland.
    > Extensive research and study of dances of all nations in the Carpathian Basin including Hungarians, Slovaks,Romanians, Croatians and Gypsies.

    X X X

    > Honor Student at the Hungarian State Ballet School [1975]
    > Numerous awards for choreography of amateur groups at festivals.
    > "Young Artists Recognition" [1977]
    > "Dancer of the Year" [1985]
    > Prize for Culture from Heves County [1986]
    > Award "Excellence in Hungarian Art" [1989]
    > "Gyula Harangozo Prize" [1993] (highest recognition for a dancer in Hungary)

    X X X

    Teaching & Touring
    > Canada; Germany; Slovakia; USA; Switzerland; Romania; Russia; France; Finland; Italy; Japan; Sout America

    Exclusive North American Tour Direction:
    Kalman Magyar
    Centrum Management
    178 Oakdene Ave. Teaneck NJ 07666 Tel: (201) 836 4869 Fax: 201 836 1590


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