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Csárdás! The Tango of East -- Budapest Ensemble - Budapest Táncegyüttes Tour - Critics
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    •"…admirable presentation... a strong sense of community and intimacy... the dancers impress…" [The New York Times]

    •"…superb musicians ..lively, seductive music.." [New York Newsday]

    •"…exuberant, on-stage party…. an ethnographers dream-come-true…" [The Star Ledge, New Jersey]

    •"…enthusiastic fans stomping, hollering, and clapping right along with the performers in a rousing afternoon of music and dance…a remarkable diverse series of dances..." [The Boston Globe]

    •"Zsurafszki’s device can serve as a model for other groups…" [The Daily Gazette, Schenectady]

    •"..a stirring program….. the show was brilliant…" [Spectator Online, Durham, NC]

    •"The rousing folk production…" [The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH]

    •"The ensemble is a vivid, living treasury of the grand folk idiom… [Chicago Sun Times]


    Exclusive North American Tour Direction:
    Kalman Magyar
    Centrum Management
    178 Oakdene Ave. Teaneck NJ 07666 Tel: (201) 836 4869 Fax: 201 836 1590


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