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Csárdás! The Tango of East -- Budapest Ensemble - Budapest Táncegyüttes Tour - Letters



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The Ambassador of Hungary

The Ambassador of Hungary

Mr. John Luckacovic
Vice President
Columbia Artists Management
165 West 57"' Street
New York, NY 10019

April 29, 1998

Dear Mr. Luckacovic,

I am delighted to give my full support to the 2000 tour of the Budapest Ensemble from Hungary. Hungary is proud of its wonderful folk culture and it has been a pleasure to share our culture with interested audiences. "CSÁRDÁS - the Tango of the East" will be a most important undertaking for dedicated and very talented artists and organizers in Europe and North America alike.

The Budapest Ensemble is one of the premier folk ensembles from Hungary. Its distinguished perform-ing history around the world has been a jewel among our professional performing ensembles. Their show, 'CSÁRDÁS - the Tango of the East" will be a most enjoyable performance for a audiences.

I personally congratulate you and wish you great success in presenting "CSÁRDÁS - the Tango of the East" in North America. I am convinced that this show will be the highlight of the 2000 Theater Season presenting Central European Folklore at its absolute best.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. György Bánlaki